Sunday, March 11, 2012


I apologize for my long disappearance, readers, I have been quite lazy about updating this blog. Here we go again with multiple updates as I attempt to catch up with myself.

Last weekend, I spent 2 nights in Milan, Italy to visit my best friend, Katie. After a 4-hour flight delay, I finally made it in Friday evening and hurried onto the metro from Milano Stazione Centrale to throw my bag on her living room floor then rush around the corner for a reminder of the perfection of real Italian pizza. After basically inhaling an entire four-cheese pizza, Katie brought me to a less-Italian spot: a nearby Irish pub to try a new favorite beverage of hers, pear cider. We talked over a glass and then walked around the surrounding area, finally stopping at a corner restaurant for a glass of Italian wine. The next morning we stopped at California Bakery for an American breakfast: large mugs of coffee and tea, pancakes, and french toast. Then we were off for a whirlwind tour of Milan. Beginning with the Duomo, we made our way past the opera house, through the designer stores, and around the castle, where Michelangelo's last unfinished statue stands. In between it all we had only eaten gelato (no complaints) so after a stroll through one of Milan's parks, we went to a bar for a Milan specialty: aperitivo. In Italy, bars and restaurants are required to have free snacks with drinks, and Milan takes it one step further. When buying a drink during aperitivo, usually during the average happy hour time, there is an entire buffet of freshly made Italian food. Dinner and a drink for €8? Count me in.

After a relaxing evening at her apartment catching up, we slept in and took the train to Bergamo, a small hillside town from which I would be flying out later that evening. We ate too much focaccia pizza and gelato, stopped at a cute cafe, then said our goodbyes. It was a fabulous weekend, and so wonderful to have a little piece of home after over a month away.

For more Italian photos click here!

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