Sunday, March 11, 2012

high fashion

This past week one of the biggest events of the year took place just minutes from my apartment: Paris Fashion Week! I was gone over the weekend when some of the big shows happened, and others were in the morning during my classes, but on Wednesday I skipped my first class this semester to stalk the Elie Saab show. While we didn't see any legitimate celebrities, or get into any shows, it was still an experience that I am so glad I had. The best part of the week was the Alexander McQueen showroom which happened to be on my walk to class. The doors were opened so only a sheet of glass separated me from dozens of models walking around in some of the most beautiful dresses, by one of the most cutting-edge designers out there. Look here and here for a few shots I took outside the Elie Saab show! And for a look at what was under the big white tent look here, his designs are simply stunning.

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  1. Oh my goodness Stacy! This post. Hello! It's fabulous! I'm so excited you stalked the Elie Saab show. :) oh Paris, love it.